Namche Bazaar-Gateway to everest

Namche Bazaar-Gateway to Everest

Namche Bazaar at an altitude of 3500 m is also known as the gateway to Everest. It is the staging point for expeditions to Everest and other peaks in the same Himalayan range .

The town has now developed into a small colourful market, dedicated to tourists and mountaineers, selling everything including gears and equipments to climb mountains or go on a himalayan trek.

Situation and landmarks

Namche Bazaar

The town is situated at the slope of an arch shaped mountain, with himalayan landscapes surrounding it.

The place offers complete, uninterrupted majestic view of the himalayan mountains including Mt. Everest.

Despite its development into a modern town, the place still retains its unique culture, traditions and heart warming hospitality.

How to get to namche Bazaar from kathmandu?

There is no direct road access to the Namche Bazaar making the journey an exciting one.

You can reach to Namche through two ways:

1. First By air to Lukla and then walk to Namche Bazaar

Travelling to Namche
Tenzing Hilary Airport, Lukla

Most travellers fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and then trek into Namche Bazaar from there.You can also take a helicopter from Kathmandu to Lukla.

The flight takes about 30 minutes from Kathmandu, Tribhuwan International Airport to Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla.

Then you need to take a two days walk along the Himalayas till Namche Bazaar. The first night of the trek is often spent in Phakding.

2. By Road to Jiri or Phalpu and then trek

Travelling to Namche
Trekking from Lukla to Namche

If you want to avoid the flight and enjoy trekking in the himalayas, you can take a jeep to Jiri or Phalpu from Kathmandu (about a days journey) and then trek to Lukla and then to Namche Bazaar.

The trek from Phalpu to Lukla takes 3 days and from Jiri to Lukla takes 5 days.

Things to do in Namche Bazaar

Travelling to Namche
Thinga to do in Namche Bazaar

Once you reach Namche Bazaar, the first thing you could do is enjoy the majestic view of the Himalayas right in front of your eyes. The 2 days trek should be definitely worth it.

And read this excellent article in the link below to see what things you should do at Namche Bazaar.

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