Attractive Hotel Packages To Embolden Domestic Tourism

Attractive Hotel Packages to embolden domestic tourism

The hotel industry has started to offer attractive packages as the festive season is around the corner. Simply to boost the domestic tourism market. Because of the International tourism VISA prohibition in Nepal due to the pandemic.

Source: Rupakot Resort

The hospitality and tourism industry has a downfall in their business drastically. As the nation had a lockdown, big to small restaurants or hotels negatively affected their business. Many shut down and some had fewer guests.

As an outcome, the nation realized that it is unlikely for an International Tourist to travel to Nepal for some time being. Thus, they have started to encourage domestic tourism in the market by providing a reasonable and exciting package system to boost their business.

Source: Rupakot Resort
Rupakot Resort in Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal

One of the finest and beautiful resorts was the first hotel in the country to announce packages. In order to boost domestic tourism in their hotel, they offered bed and breakfast package Rs. 6000 net. Likewise, the response of it was quite good as they were able to have a 20% occupancy from July to September.

Source: Rupakot Resort

Similarly, many other hotels have started to offer and boost their packages in the social media which are getting positive response from the viewers. Nonetheless, as the Dashain one of the biggest festivals in the nation is around the corner, maybe the hotel occupancy will increase little by the domestic tourist is the belief of the hoteliers.

Source: Rupakot Resort

Peoples are found to be traveling abroad in their Dashain Vacation. But as this time around, one cannot travel freely outside the country like before. They may travel inside the country which will boost domestic tourism helping in the Hospitality domestic market.

Source: Find Glocal

However, it seems impracticable to have revenue from the International Tourism Market which most of the hotels relied on. The attractive packages system has definitely encouraged in the domestic market which will enhance in coping with the pandemic business downfall.

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