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8 Medical Apps created by Chitwan Medical College Students: Popular among Medicos in US And India

Nepali Medical Students Santosh Rijal and his classmate Ankit Shrestha together with his friends from IT Kshitiz Dahal , economics Arjun Bhandari and the rest of the Medicos Team have come up with 8 medical apps that have been getting quite popular among medical students all over the world.

Medicos team

4 of the 8 apps are already public while 4 others are in the testing phase. According to Santosh, more than 1,85,000 students and doctors all over the world are currently using the apps.

The idea of creating an app for the medical students came as an approach to the digitization of the medical education sector. While the whole world is moving towards digitization, it has had little impact on the way medical students all over the world learn.

App for medical students
Medicos Products

The medicos team go by the slogan “Digitalize the Medical Approach” and have a vision “To be the most trusted healthcare and medical service provider through Information Technology.”

The apps came as a bridge between the technology and the medical education making medical information available in the palm of our hand.

The 8 apps that the team has created are:

  1. Medicos Pdf
  2. Medicos Histology
  3. Medicos Medicine
  4. Medicos ECG
  5. Medicos Surgery
  6. Medicos Pediatric
  7. Medicos Dental Materials
  8. Medicos Abbreviation

You can download all these apps from the playstore.

The apps have over 200,000 users all over the world and majority are from the US and India. Only 7% users are from Nepal. The app has been received well by the audience with the app receiving a rating of 4.7/5.

Along with the app, the team has also come up with an official website.

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