Plastic Surgeries Increased During A Pandemic

Plastic Surgeries Increased During a pandemic

Plastic Surgeries are increasing 70% more in this lockdown than the normal back-days as per the analysis of Plastic Surgeons. Staying at home during quarantine means you are connecting with your office colleagues or your friends through video calls or on Zoom Meetings.

Source: Remote-How

Due to which, peoples have started to find it irritating and disliking what they see on the screen. Similarly, they feel ugly about their facial structures. People tend to use various beauty filters on their pictures and videos which are available in the various applications.

Source: Visage Clinic

As a result, they started to expect to be the same beautiful and nice as in the filters. But there is a difference between the virtual world and reality. And then, they choose permanent plastic surgeries as the option to look better. Likewise, that’s when they start to accept the way they see themselves. Furthermore, peoples are getting their Botox to remove their wrinkles, getting bigger breasts and chests, less body fat, and Flat stomach, hair transplant.

Source: The Aesthetic Society

All for what?
Just to make themself look better in the virtual world. But is it really worth it? Changing the way you look to look better? Just because to get more likes on Facebook and Instagram?
But this trend is not much of a surprise because people tend to undergo surgeries to look like some filters they used in their mobile or pictures.

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So, will that time come when people will accept the way they look?

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