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Traffic Police announces Stringent measures against Drunk drivers as festive season approaches

Traffic Police Department have announced strict checks against drunk drivers as the Dashain approaches.

Traffic Police had stopped the use of Breathalysers throughout nation since the nationwide lockdown in March 24. Metropolitan Traffic Police Division clarified however, that the stricter approach doesn’t involve the use of breathalysers.

Traffic check during lockdown

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has already booked 195 people for driving under influence since the prohibitory orders were lifted in the 2nd week of September, said Rameshwor Yadav, spokesperson for the division.

Doctors, however say the checks involve a lot of risk for both police personnel and member of the public as COVID19 cases soars in the nation.

Traffic Police have reported the highest transmission rates of COVID19 among Government employees as they are in direct contact with general people and road users.

Traffic Police officials are also going to launch a series of programmes to raise the public’s awareness.

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