Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattrai Tested COVID-19 Positive

Tourism minister Yogesh Bhattrai tested COVID-19 Positive

Tourism Minister of Nepal Yogesh Bhattrai, who once announced Nepal as a COVID-19 free country to attract tourists has been tested positive with Covid-19. He is the first person in the Oli cabinet to come in contact with Covid-19. Bhattrai was appointed as the tourism minister last year in July. Bhattrai shared his COVID-19 test VIA his Facebook page on Saturday.

According to his announcement on Facebook, Last Monday he was tested negative for Covid-19. After that, he had participated in some programs outside Kathmandu. However, on Saturday, he was tested positive for the coronavirus.


After feeling a mild fever on Friday, he got himself tested for coronavirus, where he was tested positive. He has asked those who came in contact with him to stay safe and get themselves tested as well. Currently, he has not faced any other symptoms rather than mild fever.

For now, the number of infected from covid-19 are 105,684 with total deaths of 614.

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