Gorkha Welfare Trust Brings Clean Water To A Remote Village

Gurkha Welfare Trust brings clean water to a remote village

Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) is the organization with the retired Gorkha who recently has provided clean drinking water in the remote village.

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A remote village in Bhorle, Rasuwa Nepal struggled for years to have clean drinking water and was drinking muddy water nearby stream instead. Because the water ditch was damaged in 1990 by the massive earthquake.

Source: Gurkha Welfare Trust

However, just recently they have found a piped water supply that will bring clean water to the village. And all that is grateful to Gurkha Welfare Trust. They assisted in financial and technical support as well as appealing the proceed to the ward office in 2017.

Likewise, the project has been completed and is handed over to the villagers.
Nevertheless, the cost of the project took around Rs. 3,526,118 in which Rs. 2,085,443 was presented by GWT and rest was raised from the users.

Source: Gurkha Welfare Trust

Furthermore, 39 water tap is provided in and around the village benefiting all the local villagers and school areas as well. The urge to have clean drinking water of the villagers has come to reality which they will sustainably utilize.

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