Farmers Demand Outstanding Payment From Sugarmill

Farmers demand outstanding payment from Sugarmill

Farmers claimed that they have outstanding payment due of Rs. 410 million from the Sugar Mill in Rautahat. As it was closed for 2 months. Similarly, Shree Ram Sugar Mill has been obtaining 140.000 tones of the annual production of sugarcanes from Farmers in Rautahat, Bara, and Parsa Nepal.

Source: Nepal24Hours

Due to the drastic downfall of the business, it was shut down. Leaving behind the outstanding dues to pay to farmers. Thus, as it has been long enough of a wait to get their money. They went to the government parliament with the problem and hoping for the solutions to it.

Source: The Himalayan Times

Sugarcane producers submitted a jotting to the parliament claiming that the Sugarcane Mill has yet Rs. 410 million to pay the association. And that amount was in pending since 2014-2015. Likewise, not only to the farmers but Sugarmill has not paid salaries to its employees in the last five months. Due to the continuous loss of the business.

Nonetheless, the association and farmers have urged the Government to take some action regarding the situation and assist them in getting their payments. But, as per the meetings with the Industry Minister and the owner of the Mill along with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are fewer chances of them getting their payments before Dashain.

Source: The Himalayan Times

However, Shree Ram Sugar Mill had an agreement on paying the amount by selling their land of the mill but it is not been done yet. As the mill was closed down, the number of employees and around 18000 farmers of Rautahat who were engaged lost their job and their earnings.

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