Nepal Police Headquarters takes Action Against Harassers on ‘Nikisha’ Shrestha’s Viral Video

Nikesh ‘Nikisha’ Shrestha, a tik-tok video creator and a dancer was harassed on November 17 2020 by three young boys. Her video was released on ‘tik-tok,’ then went instantly viral through all social media. In the video, the boys on a motorbike harassed Nikisha Shrestha by saying offensive words relating to her personality and behavior on purpose. In the video, it was heard about them abusing and calling Nikisha ‘Chhakka’ several times. She was also chased by them back and forth. This scene has uplifted a disgrace on social media, supporting a person’s basic right to freedom of choice.

Nikisha, who is biologically a male, proclaims herself as a transwoman. Her viral video has not only been a humility towards her but it has shown a disruptive behavior towards the whole LGBTQ community.

Nepal Police Headquarters has ordered the Cybercrime Department to investigate and take immediate action against the harassers. One person who was apparently involved in harassing has been caught and the police are already searching for the other two.

Many believe that this still won’t solve the problem in an appropriate manner. The lawmakers should also prioritize the LGBTQ community in Nepal. Likewise, bullying or harassing someone does not make people ideal. Instead, it shows conceptual weakness in their head.

In addition, we should support and show respect towards the LGBTQ community and treat them as equals. The law may accept them, but most societies in Nepal still won’t accept the fact.

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