US Election: Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania [Latest Update]

One must obtain 270 votes out of 538 ‘Electoral College Votes’ in order to reach the White House. Biden has received 264 ‘electoral college votes,’ according to the latest data, while Trump has received 213.

In the US, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden went ahead of his rival and President Donald Trump on Friday in Georgia and Pennsylvania, major states. In a close election contest, he is seen to be very close to achieving a historic victory. Georgia has been a Republican Party stronghold for a long time. In addition to this, in two other important states, Arizona and Nevada, Biden also holds a marginal lead.

Results are pending in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Alaska, according to Fox News. Do you understand what the current status of these states is? Who has received how many votes and who is ahead in the percentage of votes?

Pennsylvania: In Pennsylvania, where there are 20 electoral votes, everybody’s eyes are back. If Biden wins this state, we can say he won the US President’s election. Biden has received 49.64% of votes in this state so far and Trump has received 49.21% of votes. Biden had 33 lakh, 37,000 069 votes and Trump had 33 lakh, 08,000 192 votes.

Nevada: In this state with 6 electoral votes, Biden has so far received 49.83 percent and Trump has received 48.04 percent of the vote. At the same time, Trump got 6 lakh 09 thousand 901 and Biden got 6 lakh 32 thousand 558 votes.

Georgia: Trump and Biden are on equal footing in this state with 16 electoral votes. Biden has so far received 49.42% and Trump has 49.34%. Trump has received 24 lakh 52 thousand 825 votes and Biden has received 24 lakh 56 thousand 845 votes.

North Carolina: In this state with 15 electoral votes, Biden has so far received Biden 48.69% and Trump has 50.09% of the vote. Trump has received 27 lakh 32 thousand 782 and Biden 26 lakh 56 thousand 303 votes.

Alaska: In this state with only three electoral votes, Biden has so far received 33.5 and Trump has 62.1 percent of the vote. At the same time, Trump got one lakh 18 thousand 602 and Biden got 63 thousand 992 votes.

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