Global Crisis! World Of Hunger

The Global crisis! Our World of hunger

World hunger is caused by factors like; wars, bad weather, lack of transportation options, falling crop prices, and rising food prices. This is a global crisis that is not only affecting a particular country or a region. But hunger is a problem for millions of people across regions and continents.

Hunger has its own causes either natural or man made:

  • Disease outbreaks
  • War
  • Falling prices for crops
  • Rising prices for food
  • Low wages or unemployment 

Will world huger ever stop?

Yes, it will end because 193 countries have joined together making a global commitment to ending global hunger by the year 2030.

Since this mission was started in 2015, the reports from the UN show that hunger is still on the rise, and very little has been done to counter its growth. This has led to overweight and obesity in children below 5 years.


UN also says that global conflicts are the major problem that is showing the lack of progress in this mission. According to António Guterres, who is also the Secretary-General of the UN, a renewed commitment towards this mission should be done in order to pull the focus of all the nation to a common goal.

How much of the world is hungry?

Analyzing the data of people who are not receiving sufficient nutrition on a daily basis, the average people who are hungry all over the world are over 2 Billion.

Which countries are more effected by hunger?

According to the report of 2016-2018 from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, the countries with the highest number of malnourished people are:

  • Central African Republic: 59.6%
  • Zimbabwe: 51.3%
  • Haiti: 49.3%
  • North Korea: 47.8%
  • Zambia: 46.7%

These are only some of the major regions, there are still many small and poor communities where many people of every age group are starving. They are starving not to eat delicious food, but starving from nutrition.

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