Noise! See How Technology Is Close To Canceling Them

Noise! see how technology is close to canceling them

Noise, we all suffer from every growing noise pollution. These are caused by constructions, cars, airplanes, and many others. Every one of us tries to avoid noise by closing the windows of our home. If you are living in a big city, then you obviously know the pain of noise. However, in big cities sometimes closing windows to avoid noise cannot be an option.

But, how would you react if there was a kill switch for noise?

A kill switch for noise!

A team of researchers from Singapore has found a kill switch for the excess noise which trouble us in our life. This team has found an astonishing solution where you can kill the noise even with your windows open. A window that can create silence. They call it the Anti-Noise Window.

Scientifically, the sound itself is like a wave. When ever there is a lot of noise near you, these waves are created in much higher frequency entering your ears. And these can be annoying. These annoying noises will at some point increase your blood pressure, give your stress, and make you loose sleep at night.


After many years of research, this group of scientists has found a way to cancel the annoying noise by creating another noise which is opposite to it. When these two opposite noise meets in the air, it creates silence.

Practically it means, the average noise of a city can be cut down to half. This will help us to keep our windows open which will create nature ventilation and lightings in our home. Similarly, this can act as an energy-saving gadget, because we don’t have to keep our A/C turned on all the time.

Spending 39 years studying sound, this team is now hoping to go global with their research. And soon in the future, you can live in a big city with your windows open and enjoy the fresh air in silence.

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