Jon Jandai: A Guy Who Proved Money Is Overrated

Jon Jandai: A guy who proved money is overrated

Jon Jandai lived in a small village in Thailand. He had a very happy childhood. Everything was fun and easy for him when he was a child. But things started to change when his neighbors told him that, he should get a job in the city now. They urged him that, he can only be successful if he gets a job in cities like Bangkok. His neighbors used to say, “You are poor, you need to go to Bangkok to pursue success in your life”.

Listening to his neighbors he moved to the big city. He was told that, in order to become successful, you need to learn, study a lot, and work very hard. However, he tried to learn, he tried very hard to study in the university where he eventually dropped out. When he worked in Bangkok, 8 hours a day he could only eat one meal per day which would be a bowl of noodles.

The society trap!

Unfortunately, Jon Jandai was led to the society trap where many of us fall into. The trap where we over complicate our lives just to get success. We start to work endlessly without thinking about our happiness. Jon used to think, why is my life still hard even when I am working in a big city like Bangkok as everyone told me to. He used to think something must be wrong because he used to work very hard but only get little in return.


Eating, working, and sleeping and repeat. Finally, Jon Jandai dropped out of his university, stopped working his daily schedule in Bangkok, and went to his home. There he started to live like when he was a child. Despite what people told him, Jon started making his life better in his village.

How did Jon live after moving to the village from the city?

First, he grew crops which were enough to feed for him and his family. This allowed him to live happily. In this stage, Jon has now understood what life is more than us even if he is not educated like us. The interesting part of his story is, he found his success within nature. He soon carved out his unique skill of building earthen houses. Jon became the first person to build earthen houses in Thailand. He used to think, people who didn’t go to school or graduated with good grades can never have a house. But now, he has many houses which he designed and made by himself.


For years living in a busy city and within the standard of the society, chasing after success and money he got nothing. But when he listened to his heart, to his soul, and decided to live a normal life, he found everything.

This is the truth that all of us need to listen to. This gift of building unique and beautiful houses brought him more happiness and success than he could ever imagine. Now, he is teaching people to build their own houses for more than 10 years. He even shared his story in many T.V programs which brought the movement of natural buildings in Thailand and Globally.


In the end, you don’t need to make yourself like others. Real freedom is being who you are. Freedom is what you want to do, and most importantly what you believe in.

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