Hamako Mori: World's Oldest YouTube Video Game Steamer

Hamako Mori: World’s oldest youtube video game steamer

Hamako Mori is a Japanese woman of 92 years old who is fondly known as “Gamer Grandma”. She is the oldest youtube video game steamer who holds Guinness World Records. Similarly, she has been a gamer for nearly 40 years now and also plays on a Playstation 4 currently.

Source: The Geek

In 1981 at the age of 51, she perceived her children and grandchildren playing video games for hours. Hamako Mori started to develop an interest in video games and started to play right after then. Moreover, as she was gaining a lot of experience in the gaming world she started to have youtube live video streaming. Likewise, she is an E-sport player being an internet sensation and everyone praised and respected for her skills in the gaming world despite her age.

Additionally, the most thrilling part of her live streaming in the popular game “Ghost of Tsushima” videos she talks about growing up during the attacks in Japan in WW2 as per the viewers.

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Furthermore, in May 2020 she was worldwide recognized and awarded with Guinness World Record. Her channel on youtube’s name is Gamer Grandma with 456000 subscribers.

Source: Guinness World Records

Lastly, Gamer Grandma is a shout-out to the world’s statement that age is just a number. If you are enthusiastic and determine to do something. Hamako Mori enjoys her life fullest and is happy that she choose the journey of being a gamer after living for this long.

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