Dr. Nakamats Coolest Inventions In The World

Dr. Nakamats Coolest Inventions in the world

Dr. Nakamats, 92 years old man has the coolest Inventions that the world should know. He has invented many coolest yet useful things such as

Source: Twitter

A wig which you can swing at an attacker

Source: Tofugu

Boots with extra bouncing springs

Source: Tofugu

A golf putter that pings when hitting the ball.

Similarly, he has more than thousands of inventions that can be used multi purposely. His creations might not be revolutionary but they can be definitely used and is worth your time.
Some of his more inventions are

Source: Improbable Research

Spectacles with the shape of your eyes

Source: Tokyo Weekender

Furthermore, besides his thousand of inventions, the most surprising fact is how he comes up with the idea of the inventions. For that, he goes underwater with his waterproof notebook inventio to come up with the idea of his inventions. Because he believes in brain inventing if it lacks oxygen.

Source: Tokyo Weekender

Another way besides the underwater idea is going in his special bathroom where he waits and thinks of ideas. He calls his bathroom as a calm room made up of gold. He claims to eat only one food per day ignoring all the milk, coffee, and alcohol for his entire life.

Source: Dr. Nakamats

Furthermore, he was diagnosed with cancer which was very sad news for everyone. But, he took it as an opportunity to invent A Cancer-Fighting chair that works like a natural therapy named Gagan Robot.

Source: Cord Magazine

Ultimately, he is the chairman of the World Genius Convention where all geniuses of Japan gather to show their greatest and unique inventions. His dream is to inspire young inventors and change the world of Inventions. His super willpower makes him superhuman.

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