Cleaning The Mountains 900kg Cleared From Mt. Manaslu

Cleaning the mountains: 900kg cleared from mt. Manaslu

For the past few years, the government and the local Sherpa’s are trying to clean up Everest including five other mountains. This plan includes clearing up 35,000 kg of garbage from the mountains. The Government of Nepal has been planning to mobilize Nepal Army to clean up these regions. The estimated budget for this mission will be 860 million Nepali rupees. Last year, this team has managed to clear up 10,000 kg of garbage.


However, Kami Rita Sherpa, who has climber Mt. Everest 24 times urged the Government to mobilize climbing Sherpa’s for this task. According to him, the Army doesn’t have the skill to climb to the highest point of these mountains. Similarly, the army is only clearing around the lower altitudes until now.


Recently, an expedition team of Sherpa’s along with the Prince of Bahrain and his team climbed the summit of Mt. Manaslu successfully. The team of Sherpa’s assisting in this mission successfully cleaned the summit collecting 900 kg of garbage. This amount of garbage was collected between 5th-8th October.

For sure, these beautiful mountain in our country attracts thousands of climbers from all over the world. However, these also attracts pollution in our mountains, as the climbers abandon their gas tanks, cooking utensils, climbing gears in these mountains. Currently, government is trying to encourage these climbers no to litter in the mountains by keeping 400$ as a deposit which is later returned to them, if they manage to bring their garbage down with them.

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