deusi-bhailo programs banned by Nepal police unit

Tihar is the second biggest festival in Nepal. It is a five-day celebration during the month of Kartik after Dashain. Programs like singing Deusi-Bhailo is widely common all around the country. Groups of children and youngsters normally go out during the evening to sing and dance around their neighborhoods. In return, the house owner often gives them money, fruits, and sweets as a blessing. Having said that, the Deusi-Bhailo programs during the Tihar festival this year have been directly halted by Nepal Police Headquarters. Shailesh Thapa Kshetri, the Inspector-General of Nepal police has ordered not to allow cultural programs like ‘Deusi-Bhailo’ this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In all the 77 districts, Nepal Police has co-ordinated with the district administration offices to raise the awareness against COVID-19 pandemic and plead to dismiss the ‘deusi-bhailo’ programs. In some parts around the valley, the police have been using loudspeakers to inform not to organize ‘deusi-bhailo’ programs.

The district administration of all three major cities in Kathmandu valley has issued the prohibition of ‘deusi-bhailo’ in public. During last year’s Tihar festival, these programs were concluded by 10 PM.

Recently, the district administration offices have informed Nepal police to also look after the production, purchasing, and selling of firecrackers around the valley. As firecrackers are widely popular during the Tihar festival, the smokes from it may cause damage to people’s health. In order to stop that, the police have increased security to stop illegal and dangerous fireworks.

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