Corona and mobiile screen

Corona update-“Corona Virus can remain alive for upto 28 days on Bank notes and Phone screens”

According to researchers, Corona virus that causes COVID19 can remain alive for upto 28 days on surfaces as bank notes and phone screens and stainless steel.

According to the Australian National Science Agency, the virus may live longer than previously thought.

Corona on mobile screen
source: BBC

It is contradicting the previous study that had shown that the virus can live for upto 2-3 days on a bank notes glass surface and upto 6 days in plastic and steel.

But some experts expressed doubts over the risk of infections through those surfaces in real life.

“Even on surfaces, the virus is transmitted by mucus or sputum particles called mucus and dirty fingers. This research has not studied such virus-transmitting particles,” said Professor Run Eckels, a former head professor at Cardiff University’s Common Cold Center. He believed the virus could only survive for a few days in the mucus or sputum on those surfaces.

Frequent hand washing and disinfecting your Phone

Corona and hand washing

While much of the virus is still a mystery and new facts about the virus is emerging everyday, it is always good to be cautious.

Frequent handwashing after touching any surfaces that carries risk and sanitizing your equipments is the only solution as of now.

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