Bahrain's prince in Nepal

A Nepali Hill named in the name of Bahrain’s royal Family


Locals have named a hill in the Samagaun of Chumanubri Village after the royal family of Bahrain.

Taking the opportunity of the visit of “Prince Sheikh Mohammed Hamad Mohammed Al Khalifa” of Bahrain, locals of Samagaun have named Pangbochi Danda as “Royal Bahrain Peak”.

Prince of Bahrain in Nepal
Prince of Bahrain and his team

Ward member Mingmar Lama said the mountain was named as a koseli to the Bahrain’s royal family for their visit to the area.

The renamed hill

“We can’t afford to give them money. The money is already with them. We don’t have any valuable item to provide. The have everything they need with them. To show our love and harmony, we have given the name of one of our mountains” said Mingmar Lama.

Birendra tal
Birendra Tal

When the late King Birendra visited Samagaun, the villagers had also named an important lake after the King, “Birendra Tal” the biggest lake of the area.

“It is our tradition to honour our great guests.” Lama added.

The currently renamed hill is 5,160m high from the sea level.

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