Dr.KC ansan

8-point agreement between the Government and Dr.KC after 27 Days -Ansan to end today

An 8-point agreement has finally been reached between the Government and Dr.Govind KC who had been on a hunger strike since 27 days.

Dr. Govind KC
Dr. Govind KC

Dr. KC and Gopi Mainali, the coordinator of the negotiating team, signed the agreement.

KC will break his ansan today(Sunday) at 9:30 am.

Some important agreements

Dr.KC and the Government have agreed to run MBBS program at Karnali Institute of Health Sciences from next year. Similarly, other Government funded Medical College will have to start their program within 2080 BS.

It has also been agreed to draft bills to make appointment of officials in the Universities and institutes fair and transparent on the basis of seniority and efficiency.

The agreements seems promising but it is in the implementation that our Government fails miserably. Whether the implementation of the agreements will be successful or fail as usual, only time will tell.

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