Corona home isolation

General tips you should follow during self isolation

As the number of cases surge throughout the country, Hospitals have stopped accepting the corona patients with no serious symptoms to ensure the access of hospital facilities to seriously ill patients.

Self isolation tips

So, there are huge chance that many are in home isolation undergoing treatment against Corona. So here we have brought to you some useful tips everyone should know.

1. Stay indoors except to get medical care

COVID patients must never get out of the home or commute with anyone. You should restrict activities outside home, except for getting medical care.

Inform the hospital before you leave your home for a health facility about your arrival. Avoid using public transportation or ride sharing when going for a medical care.

2. Seperate yourself from family members

Stay in a specific designated room and seperate yourself from family members as much as possible. You should use a seperate bathroom if available.

3. Wear a facemask

Self isolation tips

As it may not always be possible to avoid your family members all the time, wear a face mask everytime. All the family members should also wear a facemask.

4. Monitor your symptoms

Corona symptoms

Monitor your symptoms every day. Seek a medical care as soon as possible if your symptoms are worsening.

But contact the hospital before leaving the house. It will help the healthcare providers to prepare for your visit.

5. Stay Hydrated

Self isolation tips

Good hydration is crucial for optimal health. Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day. Never let yourself be dehydrated.

6. Enough Rest

Your body is generally weak during the viral infections. So, have enough adequate rest. Don’t get involved in any strenuous activities and have a quality rest.

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