Vitamin E in Palm Oil

Vitamin-E present in palm oil increases immunity, beneficial during the corona period. Palm oil used in the kitchen can prove beneficial in the corona period. Scientists claim that vitamin E obtained from palm oil can increase the immunity of the body. Palm oil means palm oil is rich in vitamin E. It also contains compounds such as tocopherols and tocotrienols. These compounds have anti-oxidant effects, which protect the body’s cells from harmful chemicals produced by the metabolic process.

While sufficient information is available about the effects of compounds such as tocopherols, there is still much to know about tocotrienol. The research was conducted by a team of researchers from Malaysia and Libya. The research examined the effects of tocotrienol (extracted from palm oil) on liver cells of mice.

Ajman Abdullah, a Malaysian based Kebangsan University and lead author of the research said that the first in vivo study of the tocotrienol effect on Nrf2 present in the nucleus was that we found that the transfer of Nrf2 present in the liver cells of mice is dose-dependent.

During the research, the scientists found that its effect in the body was seen only in 60 minutes. Explain that palm oil contains abundant vitamin-E and it is effective in boosting the immune system. It is not only an anti-oxidant but is also useful in the sick of cancer.

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