How is Alcohol Made

How is alcohol made?

It is not just a liquid. It is more than just that. For some it is more important than water. It is a magic water. Alcohol has been around for ages. It is an essential element in most of the modern social gatherings and parties. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol is even more vital, as hand sanitizer. So, have you ever wondered how is alcohol made? Most of you must have drunk it every once in a while. But do you know the science behind the manufacture of alcohol.

How is Alcohol Made
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How is Alcohol made?

First of all, there are two types of alcohol, viz. Ethanol and Methanol. A word of caution: Only drink ethanol. Not methanol. Because, methanol is fatal. That’s all you need to know for now. Next thing, alcohol is the combination of carbohydrates and yeast. This mixture goes into fermentation and emits carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Step One: Beer

Beer is the most basic form of alcoholic beverages. It is made from grains like barley and wheat. They are fermented with sugar and yeast. After they are malted and brewed for sometime, then they become beer. Further processing is done to add flavor and color.

Beer turns into Whisky

Beer is an undistilled alcoholic beverage. It contains on an average 4-6% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). No wonder, people drink beer like water these days. However, whisky and vodka are whole next level of alcoholic beverage. Alcoholic beverages like whisky, vodka, and gin are manufactured after distillation of the beer. The water in the beer is separated from the fermented substance and by heating. Gas is produced which is cooled down again. The clear liquid that forms through this process is what we know as whisky.

Effect of Aging on Alcohol

The difference between whisky, vodka and gin are generally based on the aging of the beverages. Whisky is aged the most because it tastes better as it gets old. It is stored in the wood barrel that breaks down the rough flavor in the alcohol leaving with the smoother taste. As long as it is distilled, the alcohol gets smoother with its age.

Having a sense of alcoholic taste can be a unique set of skill that you can acquire. It is a very rare talent. However, don’t get too addicted to it. Don’t let it destroy your health and family well being. Drink Responsibly.

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