Alcoholic Beverages

Different Types of Alcoholic Beverages

Human beings have been drinking alcohol since the dawn of civilization. Alcohol is very close to modern society as a form of drink, both in formal and informal social occasion. Jesus Christ used to have it with his disciple. So there is nothing wrong with having alcohol as long as you drink it responsibly and don’t hurt yourself or others. There are different types of alcoholic beverages which have their own distinct methods of manufacture and composition. Let’s get to know few of them.

Different Types of Alcoholic Beverages
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Ethanol Vs. Methanol

The first thing to know about alcohol is there are two generic types of it. Ethanol is safe for human consumption while methanol is poisonous and used for other industrial purposes. Methanol consists of toxic substances that lead to liver failure and even a small amount of methanol consumption can be fatal. So beware. Are you drinking ethanol or methanol?

Distilled Vs. Undistilled Beverage

Don’t worry, both distilled and undistilled alcohol are safe for human consumption. Undistilled drinks are also known as fermented drinks like beer and wine. In the fermentation process, the bacteria and yeast convert the sugar into the ethanol.

Distilled drinks are made from after fermentation process is complete. The distillation process converts the fermented substance into an even higher concentration of alcohol. In this process, the fermented substance is separated from water to produce alcoholic vapor which is condensed into liquid form through distillation. The distilled alcoholic beverages like liquors and spirits are high in alcoholic concentration. Gin, Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Vodka, and Tequila are some of the common distilled drinks.

Undistilled beverages can have 9 to 16% of ABV (Alcohol by Volume) while the distilled beverages can have ABV from 17% to as high as 75%.

Drinking highly concentrated alcoholic beverages can be harmful to health and lead to heart failure. Therefore, you should be careful regarding the drink you are having. Don’t let drinking affect your personal and work life. You can have fun, but don’t turn into alcoholic. Drink Responsibly.

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