Trial Blockchain System In Food For Accountability

Trial Blockchain System in Food for accountability

Blockchain system in fruit Junar (Sweet Orange) will be taken for trial to trace the information of the Junar.

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Therefore, the Junar which will harvest in this season from Sindhuli will be the fruit where the blockchain system will be on trial. Similarly, it will assist in tracking all the necessary messages. Including from the origin, collaborative’s name, extracting date, distributor’s name, processing date, food statute, packaging date, and yonder.

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Likewise, this blockchain system trial will involve Chisapani Junar Producer Agri Cooperative, Sindhuli. Additionally, all the peoples involved from plucking to distributing will collect the information and data. Meanwhile, Green Growth, which is a platform where the technology to enable commercial advertising of the local organic products, will record all the dates and information of the personnel involve with QR Codes.

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Yes, you heard it right. Now Sweet Junar which will harvest in this season will most probably have QR codes within its cover where you can have all the accessible data and dates regarding the Junar Production. So, the consumers can scan the QR Code of the Junar through Green Growth and see every data on their mobile phones.

Finally, the main objective of the outline is to trace and make the supply chain method transparent. Furthermore, Esatya and Green Growth are collaborating to launch the first shipment of dogged Junar simultaneously.

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