Top Biz Schools In Nepal

Top Biz Schools in Nepal

Most of the students fall in confusion after completing their intermediate level of education. Which field of study should they choose? And which college? Deciding on the faculty and college is one of the most difficult decisions in any student’s life today. With greater choices, the students are even more in dilemma. Most of the students go for faculty of management even if they were from a technical background. Today, graduation in the management field has become a trend. There are lots of institutions offering a diverse course of Business Administration, Management, and Studies in Nepal. Here, you will come to know about some of the top Biz Schools in Nepal so that you can weigh each of them comparatively and make the right decision.

Top Biz Schools In Nepal
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Top 5 Biz Schools in Nepal

Shanker Dev Campus, Putalisadak

Many will find it difficult to believe it but Shaker Dev Campus stands out to be one of the best colleges offering quality higher education in Management since its establishment. Its Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) wing is one of the best Biz Schools program in Nepal. Shanker Dev Campus offers its BBA program at comparatively lower costs than other Biz Schools. Beisdes, it also offers Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), Master in Business Management (MBM) and Master in Business Studies (MBS) program.

Kathmandu College of Management, Lalitpur

Established in 1997, Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) is the first Biz School to introduce the BBA program in Nepal. The college is especially renowned for its International BBA program in partnership with Siam University, Thailand.

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)

The Management Wing of Kathmandu University, KUSOM was established in 1993. It is also the first one in Nepal to start the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program based on internationally accepted guidelines and standards.

DAV College of Management

Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, the DAV College of Management started its BBA and BBS program in 2003. The college has been able to produce well-qualified graduates who have been taking over the corporate sector within and beyond Nepal.

King’s College

The college started as an A-Level institution back in 2003 and it developed into a top Biz School in Nepal since 2009. It provides a cutting-edge courses in its BBA and MBA program.

You can research more on other Biz Schools. Make sure you look at their course and fee structures as well.

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