The Elephant Keepers Plans For Resuscitating Business

The Elephant Keepers Plans for Resuscitating Business

The elephant safari in Sauraha is one of the major attractions to the Domestic as well as International Tourist. Approximately Rs. 100,000 per month used to be the earnings of the business Pre-COVID 19 pandemic.

Source: Rhino Lodge & Hotel

Similarly Pre-COVID, elephants used to carry the tourist in the back and ride through the jungle for about 4/5 times per day. For that, they need to be well cared for and must be provided with 150-250 kg of food per day. Due to which, around 85000 per month are spent on taking care of elephants.

Source: The Himalayan Times

Nevertheless, As there was a long lull lockdown whole over the country since March 24, 2020. Every business running either stopped or hit rock bottom. So as of the elephant safari business of Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal too. As the government temporarily banned on-arrival of tourist visas sinch March 11.

Source: Jungle Safari Lodge

But, recently, to resuscitate the business, elephant keepers/owners agreed to look after the animals together and split the earning that comes from the business. Likewise, as they are facing an economic burden, elephants were starting to fall sick due to less food consumption. Thus, they are scheming on a cooperative business scheme to cope with financial instability.

Source: Rhino Lodge & Hotel

Unity in diversity seems a very easy statement but there takes a lot of guts and intellectual perceptions to follow it. The elephant keepers/owners believe to cope with the pandemic and economic hazards with the cooperation and wisdom by equally facing and solving it.
Because their main priority right now is to save elephants to preserve elephant ride tradition.

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