Papers Made Out Of Elephants Poop

Papers made out of Elephants poop

Many natural rough papers can be made from elephant poops. It sounds bizarre and dirty but it clean and usable. Truly, most of the papers and books that we used today are made from Fibers of Trees. As a result, around 15 billion trees are cut down or forest is being deforested. In consequence, plant earth is facing many environmental problems. Besides, many species and habitats of animals are also being destroyed.

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A Srilankan guy named Thusitha marked elephant poop as not just ordinary but unique. Thus, he took the elephant’s poop by himself, and smartly made a business out of it. Similarly, his intellectual recycling mind made him resulting in making paper out of elephants poop. Leading in saving the deforestation of the trees.

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Furthermore, the elephants are herbivorous animals meaning that they poop full of fibers. As the elephant is considered the biggest land animal in the world. Around 15/16 kg of foods is needed for them. Likewise, they can poop 16 times a day.

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Moreover, Mr. Thusitha claimed that only 12 elephants are needed to 1 tonne of poop per day. Acknowledging the opportunity, he started to collect the poops of Elephants. Besides, he dried it under, the sun boiled to 200 degrees, mixed it in water, spread the mixture, smoothed it, and cut-combined it. Turning the poop from paper clean and smell-free.

Source: Interall Group

Ultimately, this brilliant idea is truly saving the earth as well as an animal shelter. He shares his opinion on recycling things as much as possible.

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